Available session times

Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation I will not be offering in-person tantric massage sessions in London until after 1st June – availability is listed below.

For virtual masturbation coaching please read my blog article for more information and select a date/time below.

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Virtual Coaching Sessions

Week commencing 17th May:

  • Monday 17th @ 2pm, 3pm & 4pm

Week commencing 24th May:

  • Monday 24th @ 1pm & 2pm
  • Tuesday 25th @ 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4pm & 5pm
  • Wednesday 26th @ 10am, 11am & 12noon
  • Friday 28th @ 10am, 11am, 12noon, 1pm & 2pm

Week commencing 31st May:


Week commencing 7th June:

  • Wednesday 9th @ 2pm & 3pm
  • Friday 11th @ 5pm & 6pm

Massage Sessions

Week commencing 7th June:

  • Saturday 12th @ 10am
  • Sunday 13th @ 10am & 12noon

Week commencing 14th June:

  • Monday 14th @ 4pm & 6pm
  • Tuesday 15th @ 4pm & 6pm
  • Wednesday 16th @ 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm & 6pm
  • Friday 18th @ 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm & 6pm
  • Saturday 19th @ 10am & 12noon

For intimate bodywork and sensual massage sessions in London please read my COVID-19 Session Policy and Informed Consent Agreement (CLICK HERE)

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