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I recently was interviewed by Sarah Phipp for her Intuitive Woman Summit: 12 days of powerful, eye opening, life changing conversations centred around the sense of deep, feminine, inner wisdom that we all have access to. I spoke to Sarah about the Female Orgasm and the Tantric approach to sex. Sarah has brought together experts in fields that include parenting, relationships, fertility, nutrition & health, sexual awareness and much more. The summit opened on 24th April and will run for two weeks. You can SIGN UP FOR FREE right up until the 5th May to get access to all the interviews and conversations. This is also an opportunity for you to join a community of women who also want to live a most beautifully inspired life. Being in a community of open, like-minded people is very powerful for creating change. There will be plenty of ideas you’ll never have heard before, away from societal and cultural taught 'norms' that will point you back to your true self.

Here's a little sneak preview from our conversation...

The ‘peak orgasm’ is the type of orgasm we are all used to and know as the first type of orgasm (of which there are four), we probably experience in our lives. It’s a way of orgasming that drains the body of sexual energy, so if you imagine your sexual energy in your body... your life energy in your body is like a battery and with an ejaculatory orgasm or a clitoral based orgasm you’re allowing that energy to deflate and be lost... be spurted out from your body... be squeezed and clenched out from your body in those peak or- gasms. With tantric practice we learn to harness that energy.

I also talk a little about my own journey with tantra and learning to connect to my body and sexual energy in new ways, as well as touching on shifting our thinking away from the idea of 'orgasm' to the idea of 'orgasmic sensation'.

If you're feeling stuck sexually in a relationship, or are finding that you do not give yourself the time and the space to connect with your body and to experience full pleasure, then this interview (and indeed this entire summit) will really support you in coming back to yourself. Even if you're not a woman, this summit will be full of interesting insights to help you live a fuller, healthier, happier life. You can share it with any women in your life that need some support in coming back to their inner guidance.

You can listen to my interview HERE and sign up for the whole summit HERE.

If there's anything in the interview that sparks questions, curiosities, interest or excitement and you'd like to explore a little deeper then you can contact me to book a session.

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