No More Mr Nice Guy

Rowan Andrews – Personal Development Coach

Rowan is an expert personal development coach and certified No More Mr. Nice Guy® coach.

He has been working with men from senior business leaders and academics, to ordinary working men, helping them elevate their lives, careers, relationships to the next level for over 10 years.

Dr Clive Selwyn: Holistic Counsellor

Clive offers holistic counselling for men, women & couples based on psychological as well as spiritual wisdom, utilising talk therapy & embodiment practices.

Clive draws on the teachings of Osho, Sufi mysticism, Tantra, Zen & Taoist philosophy, as well as Jungian psychology in his approach.

Louisa MacInnes: Sex & Relationship Coach

Louisa’s sessions blend talk therapy with somatic coaching to help you rediscover your sexual self, release shame, reinvigorate relationships or simply ‘bring you back to you’.

She is a professional member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists, as well as theWorld Association of Sex Coaches.

Katrina Clark: Somatic Intimacy Educator

Kat’s sessions support her clients to:

  • make choices informed from their body awareness;
  • develop a somatic understanding of boundaries and consent;
  • become aware of their conditioning and where that limits them;
  • develop a capacity for feeling sensations and emotions in their body;
  • learn to ask for what they want

She works with men, women & couples but has a particular interest in working with women and fertility.

Schirin Zorriassateiny: Touch & Awareness Bodywork

Schirin’s work has had a huge influence on my own style and approach to bodywork.

She has a broad background, ranging from an extensive education in bodywork like the Rosen Method, trauma , tantra, yoga and meditation, to being trained as a professional dancer, as an Olympic athlete and as a student of The Work by Byron Katie.

After decades of teaching these different topics in many parts of the world, she has built upon these teachings and founded Touch & Awareness in Amsterdam in 2017.

She offers sessions, workshops and trainings.

Haneen Khan: Sex Homework Society

Lawyer turned sex coach, based in London; Haneen provides 1:1 sex & intimacy coaching and runs ‘Sex Homework Society’. She is currently training to be an Internal Family Systems Level 1 Practitioner. Her coaching has a strong embodied approach informed by her dance background and somatic training.

SHS is a playful 9-week course that goes far beyond dirty talk and dildos. What is your pleasure story? What do your fantasies reveal about your sexuality? Do you know what your unique erotic blueprint is? The journey is designed to unleash our wildest self-expression by valuing and connecting to our desires, peeling away all the shame and conditioning that might have permeated our sexual being and to feel at ease with vulnerable conversations in the bedroom.

Kalyss Mercury: Tantric Dominatrix

Mistress Mercury is a professional dominatrix. Her sessions blend tantra and BDSM to allow you to truly surrender.

TNT 21 Day Challenge

TNT (The New Tantra) works with the foundation principle of avoiding peak orgasms (ejaculation for men and clitoral orgasm for women) to undo the often addictive and habitual relationship to ‘goal oriented’ sex.

This ‘re-wiring’ helps in cultivating sexual energy in your body, allowing your adrenal system to come out of ‘hangover’ and learning to experience pleasure and sensation in deeper and longer lasting orgasms.

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