I offer in-person sessions, virtual coaching sessions, group workshops and online courses for couples. Sessions can address things like…

Learning how to give and receive sensual, intimate massage /// Learning new ways to communicate /// Re-igniting passion and desire /// Addressing performance anxiety and sexual confidence issues /// Exploring with a third person in a safe environment /// Learning more about the Tantric approach to sex /// Deepening intimacy and enjoying something luxurious!

Choose from the sessions below and drop me an email if you have questions…

Coaching Course

3 x 2 hour sessions – £750

Within these sessions I will guide you in giving and receiving sensual tantric massage. You will both have the opportunity to receive from the other, with demonstrations from me. We will explore what each of you desires & enjoys in terms of touch with the help of some ‘games’ and exercises. These sessions are a committed way to deepen your connection and expand your experience of touch, sensation and pleasure.

Session 1: Basics of conscious touch (2 hours)

Session 2: Yoni massage (2 hours)

Session 3: Lingham massage (2 hours)

***Sessions are taken on separate days, ideally within a 3 month period***

Coaching Session

4 hours – £500

Within this session I will guide you in giving and receiving sensual massage. You will both have the opportunity to receive from the other, with demonstrations from me. We will delve into what each of you truly desires in terms of touch: what feels good and what doesn’t, with the help of some ‘games’ and exercises. These sessions are a deeply intimate and loving experience for couples to connect and enjoy themselves, and each other, in new and exciting ways.

Receiving Session

2 hours – £300

Within this session one of you will receive a sensual massage from me whilst the other witnesses and observes. This can be a gentle and considerate way to experiment with opening up your sex life, experiencing the presence of a third person in a safe and held space. We will have a detailed discussion about your boundaries and intentions for the session before we begin.

A big thank you for the wonderful four hours that we spent with you. We did not really know what to expect, but it certainly exceeded our expectations. Your calm and relaxed manner, and professionalism, made it easy for us both to quickly feel comfortable. The session itself was not only informative and inspiring, but also a lot of fun! We learnt a lot about each other, and opened up far more than we ever have before. Thank you again for an amazing and memorable experience, I wish we could do it all again next weekend!
Mike & Barbara, London 2022
Thank you so much Elizabeth, the sessions have been great and you've been a wonderful teacher. We've both come away affirmed in lots we've built and developed together, while open to and excited for just how much more there is for us to explore in our intimacy!
Ella & Gerard, London 2021
Thank you Elizabeth, the experience of our massage coaching session with you was great! It was so much more educational than other Tantra sessions we have tried. We learned a lot and loved the relaxed and friendly vibe. We've had fun trying everything out at home and have definitely added some variety to our sex life!
Henry & Emma, Stockholm 2020

Virtual Coaching Sessions

3 x 1 hour – £330 / 5 x 1 hour – £550 / additional 1 hour sessions – £120

Sessions will include things like simple guided body-based meditation, practices/exercises using breath, coaching in different types of sensual and intimate touch, introduction to Tantric sex principles.

The content of sessions is dictated by what I believe will be helpful to you both based on what you shared in your enquiry and our intake call.

Couples Coaching sessions are a wonderful way to compliment my Online Courses in Genital Massage, to maximise your learning and get bespoke guidance and input.

Please initially complete and INTAKE FORM, or get in touch via email on

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a psychologist, psychotherapist or relationship counsellor. If you are facing foundational issues within your relationship I suggest working with a qualified couples counsellor or relationship specialist, to first to get clear on the underlying dynamics of your relationship, before we work on the sex and intimacy part of things. You will find some recommendations for practitioners HERE.