David - Four Hands Massage Stockholm


An experienced bodyworker with a lifetime practice of martial arts and movement. David brings masculine strength, stillness and presence to his sessions. His calm, grounded energy and intuitive touch will allow you to feel safe enough to really let go, and experience your body’s capacity for sensation, pleasure and healing. 

Non-Intimate Bodywork Session

1.5 hours – 2300sek (€200)

These sessions blend deep tissue massage, Thai massage and myofascial release work. They also incorporate elements of breath work and mindfulness to help you deeply relax your physical body.

These sessions are offered to men and women.

Tantric De-armouring Session

1.5 hours – 2600sek (€230) / 2 hours – 3400sek (€300)

De-armouring involves releasing tension/numbness in the genitals and/or anus using various techniques, such as pressure-point massage. This can help regain the natural sensitivity both in and outside of your genitals. The massage will allow you to release blocked/stored emotions such as shame, sadness, anger and fear, that may be inhibiting the access to your full sexual potential.

This process may lead to more satisfying sexual experiences, new and deeper orgasms, and general relaxation in the genitals/anus and your whole body.

These sessions are offered to men and women. 

Couples Coaching Session

3 hours – 5200sek (€450)

Learn how to open up a woman’s body to new sexual sensations. This session leaves you with inspiration and practical tools to become tantric lovers. Get support in overcoming specific sexual issues, or bringing back the spark to your sex life.

These are not a ‘sexual service’, the coaching is focussed on touch, communication and ways to be more present and connected during intimacy. They blend my Tantric experience with my training in Somatic Sex Education.

David has great charisma and makes you feel comfortable right away! I told him about my physical problems and he worked on them very well. After the session my body felt lighter and more at ease. Thank you very much David!
M.B - Bodywork session for men
Thank you for a great session! I felt soft and relaxed afterwards. Your presence and masculine energy made me feel safe enough to fully relax. I think you are caring, skilled and strong when it's needed. That cracked me open!
M.M - Dearmouring session for women
I can recommend a visit from this beautiful man. He is not only candy for your eye but also sweet and soft in his touch. It feels so nice to be connected in a sexy and safe way. He opened me up and gave me energy for weeks and months later!
Y.M - Dearmouring session for women


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Black belt
Sexological Bodywork
Certified Somatic Sex Educator
Touch & Awareness Bodywork
A practical training with Schirin Zorriassateiny
Intimacy Bodywork
Fascia Release, Sexual Energy Release, Body Contact and Body Play.
The New Tantra Bodywork
Tantric Dearmouring
July, 2012
September, 2018
May-Oct, 2019
August, 2020
December, 2021