Diving Into A Deluxe Session

Deluxe sensual massage...

A lot of people ask me ‘what is the difference beween your 2 hour session and a 3 hour session?’

Firstly, a Deluxe session gives us more flexibility to tailor the experience to your individual motivations and desires on the day. As with all my sessions, we begin with some time to chat and check in. In the thousands of sessions I have given, people are always a little nervous and/or excited when they first arrive, or just a bit busy and in their heads from the general demands of life. Many have never really spoken out loud about some of the more intimate or vulnerable aspects of their sexuality – or even sex at all for that matter. So, I guide you with some gentle questions to get to the heart of what you would like to explore & experience within the scope of the session.

Typically we will then begin the bodywork part of the session with an intensely relaxing oxytocin meditation experience. I invite you to undress and make yourself comfortable sitting on the futon. I will then physically hold you in different positions, with body-to-body contact. The invitation is for you to just relax and allow yourself to be held. I will guide you to begin connecting with your breath, and to become more aware of what you can feel in your body. This helps to let go of initial layers of physical tightness and emotional tension before we move to more sensual touch. We are activating the parasympathetic branch of your nervous system: the part that allows you to relax, to rest, to feel soothed and not on ‘red alert’. Giving time to this BEFORE we connect with arousal is quite profound for most people: there is absolutely no rush and you can really allow every cell of your body to slow down. This heightens your awareness of sensation, allows you to breathe more deeply and not be distracted by the chatter of your thoughts. Some people find that they feel emotional – tears, sadness, a deep sense of relief, laughter are all very normal. Some people connect to a much more innocent, young and vulnerable part of themselves; the part that just longs to be held and to feel safe and reassured. This can lead to a much deeper and more freely erotic connection in your body when we move to sensual touch; the sense of safety and reassurance allows you to give yourself permission to enjoy and feel unashamed.

Relax and receive...

We then move into more flowing, sensual massage as described in my blog article ‘Your First Tantric Massage’. We can include anal and prostate work if desired and we will have talked about, and agreed upon, this in our chat at the start. We also include genital massage and you can read about this in the blog article ‘Yoni & Lingham Massage’. This part of the session is for you to relax and allow yourself to truly receive. We work with active principles of breath, sound & movement which you can also read about in my other blog posts. The experience is one of exploring your sexuality, with no expectations of performance, of reciprocation or any kind of required outcome: just experiencing the pleasure and variety of sensation in your body.

Alternatively these sessions can take a more coaching based direction, giving you tools for more satisfying & nourishing self-pleasuring at home. With this approach, during the massage I might also invite you to explore and try out specific ways of breathing, ways to bring movement and relaxation to your body or options to change the way you touch yourself. This way of working is less ‘immersive’ and ‘experiential’ and includes more verbal sharing: I will ask you things like ‘what kind of sensations are you noticing in your body?’, ‘where is your attention drawn to right now?’, ‘what changes in terms of sensation when you breathe this way?’, ‘what number, 1-10, do your arousal levels feel like right now?’ etc. The invitation here is to experience and feel the sensations in your body, but also to make a cognitive connection to what is being felt. This approach is great for addressing specific issues that you want to work on: erectile dysfunction, pre-orgasmia, a feeling of being ‘blocked’ in your sexual energy, wanting to experience different kinds of orgasms etc.

Deluxe tantric massage

Reflect and install...

Again, as with all my sessions, we take time at the end for stillness, quiet and ‘installation’ – allowing the experience to be ‘housed’ in your brain and for new neural pathways to be laid down. We will have a little chat before you go, but I tend not to fill the space immediately after with a lot of talk, instead giving you the opportunity to just let it keep percolating. I am very happy for you to email with questions and sharing in the days following your session.

Whatever your motivation is for seeking out a session, a 3 hour Deluxe experience is a wonderful gift to yourself and an opportunity to really explore your pleasure and sensuality. If you still have questions about how this longer experience might benefit you, or if you would like to book, then please just drop me an email on elizabeth@touchofhappiness.co.uk

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