Introduction to Pleasure

Date(s) - 27/06/2020
10:00 - 11:00

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Saturday 27th June would have been the date for my first Art of Intimate Touch workshop in 2020. Coronavirus changed those plans unfortunately but I’ve been toying with the idea to offer something a bit new and experimental on that date instead…

I’d like to invite you to attend a 1 hour Introduction To Pleasure mini-workshop, from the comfort of your own home. The event will run from 10am-11am (UK time) on 27th June, via Zoom. It will be a condensed version of the first half of the Art of Intimate Touch workshop day.

My intention is to make it accessible to those who perhaps wouldn’t otherwise be ready to attend an in-person, group workshop, so…

  • you can sign in ‘anonymously’ with Zoom (simply enter ‘anonymous’ in the ‘Your Name’ field when prompted on the ‘Join Meeting’ pop-up window)
  • You do not need to have your video or audio switched on…The workshop will function more as a guided, follow-along hour rather than an interactive experience.
  • You can join as a single, a couple, a group, alone or together (my Art of Intimate Touch days are currently only for couples/partners attending together)
  • I am not charging a fee, I invite you to make a donation if you feel moved to. 50% of all donations will be given to The Eve Appeal and Prostate Cancer UK.

So, that’s the practicals, now…what will we actually explore in this hour?

I’d like to share some simple, practical tips, principles and exercises that will help you to connect with more pleasure in your solo and partnered sex.

  • A guided meditation to help you pay more attention to your moment-to-moment experience of sensation, rather than being distracted by thoughts, expectations, judgements or goals.
  • Interrupting habitual and restricted breathing patterns with intentional ways of breathing to help you regulate your arousal – relaxing/down-regulating and activating/up-regulating.
  • Exploring touch: suggestions and guidance for ways you can touch yourself and/or a partner. This will be a general approach, not necessarily focussed on genital/intimate touch.

What will not be included:

  • no demonstrations of touch on models.
  • no nudity: you can be naked at home if you want, but I ask that your camera is switched off. 

What will I need?

  • An hour of uninterrupted space and time: switch off your phone, close down your emails, put the kids in the garden/leave them with your partner.
  • A candle/fresh flowers/meaningful trinket…something to set your space up as a meditative area that you’ve carved out for yourself.
  • Some cushions/something comfortable to sit and lie on. 
  • A glass of water.

**You will not need to take notes: I will send a recording of the workshop and summary of the exercises covered afterwards**


Bookings are closed for this event.

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