Touch of Happiness: Stockholm

Tantra massage and intimate bodywork Stockholm

I am grateful that the pattern of my life means I regularly spend time in Stockholm. Whilst here, I offer tantra massage sessions and Sexological Bodywork Coaching. All my sessions are conducted in English.

I work from a beautiful private studio in the South of the City and look forward to welcoming you soon.



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I offer tantra massage sessions in Stockholm at regular intervals, usually on a monthly basis. Please email me to enquire and book your tantra massage experience.

Erotic and Tantric Massage in London and Stockholm

Week commencing Monday 17th August:

  • Wednesday 19th @ 2pm & 4pm

Week commencing Monday 14th September:

  • Thursday 17th @ 10am (90 minutes only) & 4pm
  • Friday 18th @ 10am, 12noon, 2pm & 4pm


The common questions answered...

Who are the sessions for?

My tantra massage sessions in Stockholm are for discerning men, women and couples who are seeking an authentic healing or tantric experience. I do not offer ‘happy ending’ massages, half-hour appointments or escort services. If this is what you are looking for from a session then please do not get in touch.

Can I touch you?

My sessions are one-way touch. I encourage you to relax and surrender into purely receiving; to be present with your breath and the sensations in your body in order to create a full-body energetic experience. Groping, reciprocation and any ‘greedy’ touching of my body is not permitted.

Preparation, location and arrival

For intimate bodywork sessions please shower before your session: there are no shower facilities at the venue in Stockholm.

I work from a private studio in Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm. The full address will be given once a booking has been made and confirmed.

Please be punctual but not early – there is no waiting room.

It’s a good idea to avoid coffee and other caffeinated products for 24-48 hours before your session so your system is not over-stimulated. Please don’t consume alcohol or other drugs before your session.

How do I book?

Please initially get in touch using the contact section of the website, or by email directly on

Please enquire respectfully, politely and coherently. Disrespectful or illiterate emails will be ignored.

Please try and book in advance. I do not offer same-day appointments.

Payment: I require a 50% deposit for all first time bookings. I accept payment in cash on the day of your session (please bring the correct amount, I cannot provide change), or no later than 24 hours in advance via bank transfer or PayPal (details provided when booking).




'Thank you for a truly amazing time today! I really needed that touch, warmth and body contact. I realise it so much when in the moment.Thank you for making me feel comfortable and at the same time helping me experience a level of pleasure that I never have anywhere else. Divine!'



'I found the whole experience very nice and like something I have never experienced before. I felt that it helped me as I hoped for, in an unexpected way. I am remembering the experience and especially the strong feeling of respect that you gave to my body. It was so nice to feel this from one woman to another.I was very relaxed from within when I left you. And the day after I still felt relaxed as if I had got a massage inside my whole body.'



'I still have a wonderful feeling from our session this week. Your comfort when you were holding me was a real wonderful experience. I felt I could drop my shields and that revealed sensations I did not expect I was able to feel!'