Four Hands Massage

I offer four hands massage in Stockholm only. This is the ultimate luxury experience: two therapists, four hands. I offer these incredible sessions with my partner David to bring you the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Whether you’re male or female, a four hands massage can be a liberating, indulgent and delicious treat.

Read more about the sessions and David below. Please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of the page if you have questions or to book your four hands massage in Stockholm.

Four hands massage Stockholm

What is a Four Hands Massage?

In a four hands massage you receive touch from two practitioners, and it’s more than just twice as good as one set of hands! You might find that initially your mind tries to ‘keep up’ with who is doing what and keep track in a logical way…but the multiple points of contact and synchronised touch very quickly override that mental controller and you have nothing else to do but let go and just relax! This is a great session for anyone who finds that they struggle to receive or normally have a lot of busy mind chatter during a massage experience.

What makes these sessions so incredible is that David and I have trained together in various forms of bodywork. Our touch and movement are in harmony: it’s hard to discern one from the other. We work intuitively with each other so you receive a seamless and continuous stream of sensation, touch and connection. 

We deliver these sessions from our hearts, using the trust and connection in our relationship (and our mutual love of massage) to surround you with a feeling of being loved, held and cared for. This allows you to let go and access deeper states of relaxation, more ‘healing state’ brainwave activity and transformative rest. 

Four hands massage Stockholm

Non-Intimate Four Hands

90 minutes – 3600SEK

A full body massage given by Libby and David. An incredible treat for your body, the luxury of being able to totally relax. Touch used will be a blend of deep tissue, Lomi Lomi style, Thai massage and ‘Touch and Awareness Bodywork’.

No genital or intimate touch. Always one-way touch. Libby and David remain fully clothed.

Four hands massage Stockholm

Intimate Four Hands

2 hours – 6000SEK

A full body massage that can include genital and anal massage if desired. Intimate touch will be agreed on at the start of the session, allowing you to clearly communicate your boundaries and desires. 

Can be a powerful healing experience, being held in deep love by the masculine and feminine. Or it might be a fun, gentle way to explore a ‘threesome’ setting and receive an imprint of an open, jealousy-free relationship.

Always one-way touch, not a sexual exchange. Includes body-to-body contact, but Libby and David are never fully nude.

David - Four Hands Massage Stockholm


An experienced bodyworker with a lifetime practice of martial arts and movement. David brings masculine strength, stillness and presence to our sessions. 

You can also book individual sessions with David. Click here to read more about his offerings, or send an email to enquire.

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