I offer tantra massage and yoni massage sessions for women in Stockholm. My work with women is borne from my own journey in healing my relationship with the feminine; both within myself and to those around me. Being a woman in our modern world can be confusing, tiring and challenging. Identifying what is truly MY pleasure, MY desire and MY response within intimacy, and our wider lives, requires us to wade through generations of conditioning and assumptions. My intention with this work is to provide a space where you can truly listen to, and appreciate, your body’s desires – not in relation to intercourse or pleasing your partner. Removing the external stimulus of a lover or partner, and receiving sensual loving touch as a woman, from a woman, allows you to drop more deeply into yourself.

Choose from the sessions below and drop me an email if you have questions…

Yoni massage

Yoni Massage Session

90 minutes – 2700SEK / 2 hours – 3200SEK

These sessions use long, luxurious strokes to sensitise and awaken your entire body, as well as some breath work and basic meditation to calm the mind. We then focus on gentle and loving touch of the yoni, both externally and internally (internal yoni massage in 2 hour sessions only). All intimate touch moves entirely at your pace.

This quality of touch, from a woman to a woman, can be extremely healing, can release trapped emotion and trauma and can give you a new and deeper connection with the potential for pleasure available from within your own body.

My Yoni Massage Session with additional focus on your anus and surrounding area, and the option to explore internal anal massage if desired. This can be an intensely arousing experience, or can be a deeply healing space; we hold a lot of tension and shame in the anus – giving permission to enjoy and immerse yourself in the potential myriad of pleasurable sensations can be a transformative experience.

Yoni massage

Deluxe Session

3 hours – 4800SEK

These sessions begin with an intensely relaxing oxytocin meditation experience with lots of warm, delicate body contact. We then move into a sensual tantra massage that can include anal touch if desired. These sessions can also include a more coaching based approach, giving you tools for more satisfying and nourishing self-pleasuring at home. This combination of softness and sensuality is a wonderful imprint for the body and a deeply indulgent experience!