Tantric Sex Positions…

Tantric sex positions for maximum full body pleasure…

There are three basic differences (in my opinion and experience) between the ‘tantric’ approach to sex and the ‘regular’ approach to sex:

  1. Avoiding ‘peak orgasm’: Men do not ejaculate, they retain their sexual energy and circulate it in their body. Women can relax their bodies into deeper g-spot, cervical and womb orgasms rather than contracting into clitoral orgasms only.
  2. Sex is not just about the genitals: the entire body holds potential for orgasmic sensations.
  3. There’s no goal: you are connected with your partner at an emotional and spiritual level, allowing you glimpses into sensations of bliss, timelessness and transcendence beyond the physical body.

So, on a practical level, what are the best positions to take your sex life to a new tantric level? You can try out the following tantric sex positions to begin exploring and experiencing the benefits…

Missionary Position...

Maybe you were expecting something with more bells and whistles than good old missionary position, but it really is just so simple and effective it makes sense to not to overcomplicate things!

  • Helps guys to regulate arousal as your body can be relatively relaxed: try focussing on pulling your cock OUT then letting the relaxation and weight of your body drop you back inside, rather than squeezing your butt cheeks and focussing on ‘pushing’ in.
  • The underside of the penis and the frenulum are not rubbing over the stimulating bumpy ridge of the G-spot (as they would be in ‘doggy style’, for example) so it’s easier to ride that slow wave of arousal. 
  • Lots of body-to-body contact, you can place breath and attention into the point where your hearts connect and stay tuned in and present with each other through loving eye contact.
  • Ladies, let your hips and butt relax, notice if you are ‘squeezing’ with your vagina and pelvic floor and instead try to imagine your yoni opening outwards as you inhale. 
  • Place a pillow under the woman’s butt to get a deeper angle and more relaxation.

VARIATION: Standing Missionary/Table Top Position...

  • Ladies lie on your back at the corner/edge of the bed, guys standing with your feet flat on the floor, knees relaxed. Ladies your legs can be round his hips, or the backs of your calves can rest on his shoulders.
  • Really helpful to ‘ground’ your energy and regulate arousal levels whilst also deepening penetration.
  • Play with the angle of penetration to hit more of the G-spot and cervix.
  • Powerful to see and be seen, to witness each other in pleasure.
Tantric sex positions

Yab Yum Position...

  • An absolute foundation of tantric sex positions. It’s sometimes also known as the Lotus sex position.
  • Guys sit with your legs crossed, ladies sit in his lap with your legs wrapped round him. I like to do this with my partner sitting on a little meditation cushion so it’s more comfortable for his hips and back.
  • This generates really deep connection throughout the body: your genitals, belly heart and eyes create a strong channel and lots of yummy skin-to-skin contact. This can be very intimate and intense.
  • Synchronise your breath and tune into slow, subtle movements and sensations. It’s not necessarily about bouncing up and down in a frenzy: take your time and go slow.

Koala Position...

  • From the missionary position, ladies wrap your legs up around your partner’s hips or waist. The higher up his body your legs go the deeper the penetration will be.
  • Guys you can help out here by sliding your palm underneath her sacrum and supporting her pelvis.
  • Great for deep penetration, connecting the tip of the penis to the cervix. Warm up to it, don’t start hammering away from the start. ‘Plug in’ and just hold the tip of the cock right up against the entrance to the cervix, let your breath and attention tune into that deep inner space. 
  • Guys, stay still, ladies let your hips writhe and grind. 
  • Stay connected to your heart area and try to sync up your breath. You can either breathe together (in and out at the same time) or in a see-saw pattern (he breathes in as she breathes out and vice versa).
  • With the closeness of your bodies it’s easy to ramp up the energy by whispering fuck-talk and horny praise in each other’s ears!

Woman On Top Position…

  • This is a great one for allowing the guy to be as relaxed as possible. This makes it easier to feel subtle sensations throughout his body and avoid the clenching and contracting that often stimulates a peak/ejaculatory orgasm.
  • Ladies you can let yourselves go and be fully seen in all your feminine radiance, riding your man’s cock whilst he witnesses you in your deepest pleasure. In tantra we talk about masculine and feminine energies: the feminine in us all loves to be seen, to be on display, to be worshipped and adored just as the most beautiful flowers and animals in nature display their colours.
  • Physically speaking, gravity helps in this position to get really deep penetration at a pace that you dictate ladies. Moving slowly and gently will allow the tip of his cock to stroke and tease the entrance of your cervix without that painful ‘bashing’ sensation.

How to have tantric sex...

Whichever position you are exploring with your partner, these three simple tips for tantric sex will help you to feel more sensation in your body and enjoyed relaxed arousal:

  • Slow everything down: however slow you think you’re going, try being 20% slower.
  • Breathe: pay attention to how you’re breathing and where in your body you are breathing (i.e. deep into your belly and pelvis or up into your heart and chest). This will keep you connected to your body and your sensations. Try inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, allowing the exhale to be a little bit longer than the inhale.
  • Move: gentle intentional movements of your body will help to spread sensation around. Let your toes and feet move, let your hands and fingers spread and wiggle, gently shake or jiggle the hips. Allow your body to move and adjust so that it can be as relaxed as possible.

If you’d like to know more about the tantric approach to sex or if you’d like to book a tantric massage experience (whether you’re a man, a woman, or a couple) please get in touch on elizabeth@touchofhappiness.co.uk



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