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Opening the energy body...

In November I undertook an intensive training in Tantric Dearmouring, with my tantra school The New Tantra and am now one of their registered bodyworkers (you can check out my profile HERE). The New Tantra bodywork and massage is very different to my current sessions but complements and offers a powerful balance to my softer, more feminine, style. It follows a very unique and precise structure of working through the body to open up blocked energy channels, ‘dearmouring’ blockages and emotional tension that prevent us from fully experiencing the natural flow of our sexual life force energy.

The New Tantra massage session lasts between 2.5 – 3 hours and uses a range of techniques that gradually work deeper and deeper into the body. This method uses deep trigger point work, manipulation and movement of your body as well as emotional and energetic release work. This means that you might connect with a lot of different and intense physical and emotional sensations that have lain dormant or ‘blocked’ in your body. Holding emotional blockages and trauma in the body in this way can lead to illness, negative outlooks on life, limitations and stagnation in your sex life and generally not connecting with your full potential.

Release blocked emotions

Expanding sexual energy...

Within the session we can also include vaginal/penis and anal dearmouring and massage. Working with intention to release tension and blockages in the genitals increases your capacity for orgasmic sensation, brings more sensitivity and opens you up to deeper and more blissful orgasms like G-Spot, cervical, anal and womb orgasms.

At the end of a session you will feel softer, more open, lighter in many ways. The longer term benefits include experiencing more energetic sensation in your body, a more relaxed connection to your horny energy, more positivity and creativity in your life and more balanced emotional responses in your body – not so much of the emotional rollercoaster!

I really love working with The New Tantra massage. It is incredibly intuitive and flows so freely through the body: both for me as the practitioner and you as the receiver. I’ve received many, many hours of this massage myself and have really felt the benefits in the way it connects me with the unconscious patterns of holding tension and emotion in my body. I come back to it time and time again as a way to reset, recharge and more deeply open myself.

If you would like to learn more then please visit The New Tantra website or contact me on

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